Friendships are Hard

Sometimes you can be the best friend you possibly can to someone and still end up being treated like nothing. You can constantly try to do things for them, think of how certain decisions will affect them and check in to make sure you’re not being a bad friend.

You can be completely blind to the fact that you’re not doing anything wrong, they just care less. Sometimes you’re too selfless and those around you will take advantage of it. You are thinking so much of the others around you that it doesn’t even cross your mind that you’ve been blind to toxic behaviors.

That’s because you always want to think the best of other people. You believe that if you give 100% they’ll do the Same in return. Despite being constantly proven wrong, you still give others the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe it’s because you struggle from time to time and wouldn’t want to put your own burden on others. When you open up to allow them to see your weaknesses, you feel like you owe them so much more. You don’t ever want them to feel like you weren’t grateful for those few times of kindness that you completely blind yourself to what’s going on.

It hurts but then again it’s easier to feel pain than to be numb to the truths of the world. You’re the only person whose ever going to be there for you consistently. You’ll be let down over and over again in this lifetime.

That’s why there’s the saying that as you age your friend group gets smaller. I believe it’s because of the selfish nature of humans. Not enough of us carry empathy in our hearts to see the pain we may cause others through our actions.

We’re impulsive creatures and we don’t always think through the things we do and how our body language/ words (or lack thereof) can hurt others. Why doesn’t everyone consider what they could be doing to others?

It’s a question I’ll probably never have answered.


lonely thoughts

today i have felt extremely sad. last night i helped a friend out late at night when i should’ve been sleeping, but i know that i have inherited the insomniac tendencies that run in my family. i hate morning time and the evening time i get a lot of my energy and motivation. i stayed up past 4am.

then morning came and i was up around 6:30 or so, probably not the most healthy thing i could’ve done. they were there to fill that void. to make me feel like just maybe i may be worth it. but it’s a fleeting feeling, a temporary fix. i blame my feelings of loneliness on the fact that i am a capricorn. silly i know, but even before these birth charts started blowing up recently, i always identified with my sign.

people think i am so detached and focused and determined and emotionless, but what they don’t know is that my mind doesn’t stop. even at night when i should be sleeping, i stress in my dreams. there are the recurring dreams i have that usually signal high stress times. or the sleep paralysis i regularly experience and the last being at my mothers. but then i could call out for help. here i am alone. or maybe the vivid lucid dreams i experience almost nightly where i see people and faces of my life and i either am stressing about an impeding task or i am in control of myself but everything around me is out of my control.

for example, the last lucid dream i had i was in some hotel room and i just wanted privacy in the bathroom for a second. but you know how in the dreams where you can’t scream loud enough or run fast enough. try having your entire surroundings working against you, but you’re 100% aware you’re in a dream. that if you maybe looked down and counted your fingers you could regain control of your atmosphere. but maybe something in my mind wants me to be stressed out constantly. even in my sleep.

there’s this great ted talk about making stress a motivator, but that’s hard to do when you seclude yourself. humans are social creatures, and i often get scared to reach out and i just figure that maybe just maybe someone will know i’d love to see them but they can’t read my mind? but it’s because those i do reach out to and begin to depend on constantly show in some way shape or form that i cannot depend on them – so in creeps my toxic mind that makes me seclude myself.

it’s better to be alone than burden others, right? than to reach out just because you need some interaction? right, that’s what i do. i submerge myself in work. into studies, into seclusion. seclusion. seclusion. maybe i am a brown recluse. but acknowledgment is the first step to recovery? right, at least that is what i’ve always known. with a family pattern of unhealthy habits, it’s no wonder i would be a little messed up

the unfortunate part is though is i’ve learned to just bottle things up until i have nothing left to do but cry in silence, alone. can’t show weakness because daddy always said that crying doesn’t solve anything and to stop being so dramatic. but that just makes you want to cry more? because the emotions you feel become invalidated. tbh the reason i am writing right now is because i have cried twice today, once in the shower so the sounds are drowned and right now as i am writing this.

i should be sleeping because it’s a 40 hour week, but my weekend sleep patterns fuck that up. because i will still wake up early but go to sleep so late. but when friday approaches i will finally be able to sleep early and then i will mess it all up again. sounds like that completely inaccurate, but true, the definition of insanity.

i forgot the initial reason for writing this other than the fact that writing helps ease the emotions. i also texted some friends who i haven’t spoken to in awhile. Garrett replied, thank you, Garrett. I am also playing train’s debut album, specifically homesick, swaying, and my theme song meet virginia. it’s so late. i have never not cared about rhyme or reason or punctuation or flow as much as i don’t in this post. i just need to breathe.

i think i just need to write my feelings down more. but the fastest way is typing, it’s still writing though so that’s what i think this place will be. a place for me to write when i can’t express the things in my head any other way.